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Thoughts on Creativity
The basis of creativity is an ability to perceive in different ways and an ability to allow thoughts and ideas to connect in unusual orders and relationships.

"The creative imagination is as potent as the forces of nature" Eugene Raudsepp and George P. Hough Jr. in Creative Growth Games.

The Creative Pause: take a pause in problem solving; take a pause in your thinking. In that moment, there is no need to be "right", to have found a solution. What's important is to stop, become aware, pay attention. The Creative Pause allows you to be open to new ideas and new ways of solving problems. [reference: Serious Creativity by Edward De Bono.]

"Consider what your life and the condition of the whole world would be like if it were true that: the capacity for achieving fundamental insights isn't only for geniuses but is at least a partially learned skill. Profound inspiration isn't strictly reserved for artists, but can be a meaningful dimension of anybody's life." Willis Harmon and Howard Reingold in Higher Creativity: Liberating the Unconscious of Greater Insights.

Try this brief exercise.  Look at the picture below. Without trying to see what it is, let your mind relax. How many shapes can you see? What images, thoughts, memories occur to you as you look at the picture?  Remember, in these creativity exercises there are no right or wrong answers. Just let your mind play!